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Fabian Schmidt

Forest Policy Advisor

Fabian Schmidt is an advisor at GIZ — а German federal enterprise, engaged in sustainable development — currently residing in Lima, Peru, with his wife and daughter. Find Fabian’s portrait interview here.

Which are the best schools for specializing in tropical forestry?

There are only a handful of universities in Europe, where you can pursue such degreе. In Germany, the University of Dresden and the University of Göttingen offer international master programs. There is also a pan-European MSc. Program called SUTROFOR, bringing together international students and European universities in Germany, UK, France, Italy and Denmark which are specialized in the field of tropical forest management.

How does one prepare for them?

Most people have already gained some practical know-how before joining and MSc. program, so internships and first-hand work experiences are highly valued.

And which are the most affordable?

The SUTROFOR program offers scholarships for all participants. Scholarships are also offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to students who want to study in Germany, e.g. the MSc. in Tropical Forestry in Dresden or the MSc. in Tropical and International Forestry in Göttingen.

Who was your mentor?

Over the years, I’ve had many mentors. People who have turned their passion into their job have always inspired me.

Published 19.05.2015